Ramblers favourite-Coombe Valley

A favourite with ramblers. Beautiful valley walks follow the stream, on to the stream fed ‘duck pool’ at the entrance to beach. Valley walks  down a country lane to duckpool beach; on the way passing thatch cottages, the tiny ford (having a pedestrian bridge)  finishing at duckpool beach.  Free parking by the beach, large parking area with plenty of parking spaces vacant.  Try the walk along the coastal footpath and beach to Bude.  Or linger down by the beach  and enjoy the spectacular scenery, scrambling up the cliff downs. A good surfing beach and lots of sand at low tide, the beaches opening up at low tide and joining together all the way to Bude.  Try the steep walk up the cliff in the opposite direction towards Hartland.

The history of Coombe Valley
Coombe Valley appears to have had quite a history. During the roman eras boats used to pull up on the beach-it was a port associated with the tin trade. Where the name ‘Duckpool’ comes from is unclear but either refers to the stream fed pool being a sanctuary for ducks or more possibly derives from its use by the Baptist church for baptism ceremonies where the person, often an adult, would be fully immersed under the water.
Lovely Duckpool beach Valley views, from direction of beach The lane down to beach
(tiny ford & footbridge)
Lane down to beach Cliff walk towards Hartland
The 'Duckpool' at entrance to beach Large Duckpool beach at low tide

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